Scopus AI: Elsevier Unveils Scopus for Efficient Literature Review

Scopus AI: In a significant move, Elsevier, a global scientific information leader, introduces Scopus. This cutting-edge generative AI tool aims to offer researchers and research institutions swift and precise research summaries, fostering collaboration and societal impact.

Collaborative Development with the Research Community

Scopus AI’s development involved collaboration with the research community. This generative AI tool leverages Scopus, featuring over 27,000 academic journals from 7,000+ global publishers, 1.8 billion citations, and 17 million author profiles. Rigorous vetting by a board of distinguished scientists and librarians ensures the quality of the content.

Scopus AI Global Testing and Evolution Since Alpha Launch

Since its alpha launch in August 2023, Scopus has undergone global testing, with feedback from thousands of researchers shaping its evolution. The feedback emphasizes the demand for reliable, cited, and personalized research tailored to individual needs as generative AI progresses.

Empowering Researchers with Advanced Scopus AI Features

Scopus boasts powerful features to empower researchers:

  • Expanded and Enhanced Summaries: Providing rapid overviews of key topics, minimizing the risk of false information.
  • Foundational and Influential Papers: Efficiently pinpointing seminal works.
  • Academic Expert Search: Identifying leading experts and explaining their expertise relevant to user queries.
  • Enhanced Research Breadth: Covering a decade of Scopus content, offering a well-rounded perspective on topics.

Acknowledging the Research Community and Future Enhancements

Maxim Khan, SVP of Analytics Products and Data Platform at Elsevier, expresses gratitude to the research community. Scopus AI is committed to accelerating understanding, providing deeper insights, and identifying relevant research and experts. Future enhancements will continue in collaboration with the community.

Positive Feedback from Researchers Worldwide

Elisenda Aguilera, a researcher at Pompeu Fabra University, Spain, commends Scopus’s intuitive interface. It facilitates agile search sessions for literature reviews, theoretical frameworks, and relationship verification between variables.

Global Availability for Scopus Customers

Scopus AI is now globally available for purchase by Scopus customers. To explore Scopus AI, watch a short demo, and express interest, visit Elsevier’s Scopus AI page.

Commitment to Responsible AI and Privacy Principles

For over a decade, Elsevier has integrated AI and machine learning technologies into its products, prioritizing customer experience, data privacy, and integrity. These efforts align with Responsible AI and Privacy Principles.

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