Beijing Tech Firm Successfully Addresses Airdrop Security, Assisting Police in Tracking Inappropriate Content

In a recent development, a Beijing-based tech company, Wangshendongjian Technology, has achieved a breakthrough by unraveling the encryption protecting Apple’s Airdrop wireless file sharing feature. This revelation comes from Beijing’s Justice Bureau, stating that the company played a crucial role in aiding law enforcement in tracking down individuals using Airdrop for sending “inappropriate information” in the Beijing subway.

As part of an investigation triggered by a complaint, the company successfully identified the senders’ mobile phone numbers and email addresses, leading to the identification of several suspects. While the statement from the Justice Bureau didn’t delve into the specifics of the messages, it emphasized the importance of overcoming the technical challenges related to anonymous traceability through Airdrop.

The statement highlighted that this breakthrough by Wangshendongjian Technology helped prevent the further spread of inappropriate content and potential negative influence. Airdrop, known for its wireless file sharing capabilities, has been linked to nuisance messages received by commuters in Chinese cities and was reportedly utilized by protesters to disseminate anonymous messages critical of the Chinese government.

International media, including The New York Times and Vice World News, reported instances where residents in China leveraged Airdrop to share leaflets and images echoing slogans from a rare protest against Chinese leader Xi Jinping in October 2022.

In response to these incidents, Apple took measures to address potential misuse. In November 2022, the company initiated limitations on Airdrop sharing with non-contacts for devices in China, a move aimed at curbing the spread of unauthorized content. This feature was later expanded globally, demonstrating Apple’s commitment to enhancing security and privacy measures.

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